Out of Nothing (Aus dem Nichts)

The nucleus of the video is a test arrangement for a visualisation of the chaos research.
The chaos research describes under what condition a system collapses in chaos.

The test arrangement  is a staging. It shows cars driving in a circle. They try to maintain a constant speed and constant intervals between each other. After a while the flow of traffic is bogging down and stopping: a traffic jam arises out of nothing. The cause of this so-called phantom traffic jam is human error. Driving too close to the car ahead is followed by abrupt braking. The exaggerated braking is amplified rearward from vehicle to vehicle until the first car comes to a stop. Just as chaos researchers calculate that the “flap of a butterfly’s wing in the Caribbean can trigger an autumn storm in Central Europe”, a small cause is enough for a large effect on the road, as well. Braking too hard at the wrong moment is enough to shift the system from a fluid to a solid aggregate state.