Mama's Little Pleasure

in co-operation with Bettina Gruber
Video 1984
5:37 min., color, sound
Production: Tag/Traum, Köln
Music: Bettina Gruber

“One, two, three and four; everybody is a bore.” Boredom turned into pleasure, the pleasure of Derby and Joan, or Max and Moritz in the parent’s wardrobe.
The dog Flicki, obediently allows himself to be included in the play as an extra and prop., and does better as it than a penguin.
The floras are not left out of it either: it is experimentally shown that tulips are edible and that Aaron lilies can be used as a service. But after all the journeys of discovery of youth, adulthood comes unexpectedly and the useful sailor’s suit is exchanged for charming but awkward evening dress. From this moment on, things have to be used as they were intended.
An associative diptych in the décor of a three dimensional painting in which Gruber’s slow music adds
greatly to the atmosphere.

A little vita in two parts:

Part I: Rabbit in the snow
Mama’s little pleasure the way she likes him / her most:
Wearing immaculate white navy clothes, pressed into a small area, easy to be watched. And the little sweetheart: standing around, taking in the things surrounding him: eating, telephoning, posing and trying to keep balance between defiance and longing, a lonely white rabbit.

Part II: Who cares what the prince looks alike tonight
La belle et la bete – a little dog and a lady (the little sweetheart from days gone by?) playing around with each other. The little dog – an enchanted prince? The lady interested to release him? 
A fairytale? Or sad reality of two lonely creatures making the best out of a hopeless situation?